Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar (Review)

King of the world is return with his latest film and this film is amazing! May be the story line looks bit similar like "Dances with Wolves" or "The Last Samurai", but it still one of the best and one of my favorite! I like it so much.

The CGI is so stunning! The scene is so beautiful, half of the entire film is using 3D / CGI to develop it, and this is one of the most expensive film they ever made.
Looks like James Cameron always over budget for his own film, and every film he directed, not only in good return, but also wins most of the audience heart.

James Cameron already plan for this film since 12 or 14 years ago? He did mention at that time the CGI may not achieve what he requested for the efx of this film. The way he wrote the script, is very unique. He got his own way to tell the story, I think most of the audience will accept it and also will feel the passion from his film.

This definitely a MUST WATCH for this year! Won't feel like watching a 2.5 hours film, because you will enjoy every single sec. in this film! Bravo!!

rate: 8.9 / 10

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