Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Review)

Do you believe in karma? Well, I do believe in what ever you do now, will affect your future and the result is very depending on what decision you would have made right now......which is I think im talking "nonsense" or BULLS**Ting, haha :)

I think Ghost of Girlfriends Past got a good story line, got a great plot, but the way the story telling goes or the way it been directed, may be lack of some freshness.
It's kind of slow, a bit boring at the middle of the film. May be should improve on the screen play and if possible to put more elements of jokes / comedy, then it may be quite success though.

Personally feels that, it could be better, if it direct in a different way? or the screen play may improve a bit, then it will be very fun.

Matthew McConaughey performance was so so, although he looks so great in this film, but I stil prefer the Matthew who took the character like in "A Time To Kill". Jennifer Garner Performance was also not that great too, but she looks pretty!

Director Mark Waters, who directed film like The Spiderwick Chronicles, Just Like Heaven, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and etc.

Anyway, although I'm freethinker, I believe in karma! Please do good,....and good will bring to you :)

rate: 5.4 / 10

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