Wednesday, February 17, 2010

大日子woohoo! (Review)

WooHoo! 恭喜发财! Wish all Chinese will have a Happy CNY and will live healthier in this year!

大日子woohoo! is a local Malaysian-Chinese production film, which also the first so-called "CNY Movie" from Malaysia.
For Malaysian-Chinese, its definitely a great honor to watch it, because the film was shot in a way that was so "localize", but I think may be the foreigners will not be so understand much in some of the parts, but the local Malaysian-Chinese will understand it well and definitely will enjoying it while watching it.

I myself also found it quite fun and quite interesting. It's a good start for a production like this.

This film will definitely brings you joy and tears. Can not be missed during this CNY festival in Malaysia.

The actors and actress from this film, is actually the DJs from MyFM radio station and the host from Astro (Malaysian satellite television).

Bravo for all the actors and actress and 2 thumbs up for this 大日子woohoo film!

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