Thursday, May 26, 2011


Best Horror Film of the Year!!
For those who likes horror film, don't miss this one out! It will freak you out!
It's one of the best!
Directed by James Wan, the co-writer / co-director of SAW.
Its create another feeling from the same genre.
The atmosphere of this film is really spooky. The production team really put a lot of effort in it to create the spooky feeling.

It is one of my favourite! After wataching Dark Water and Emily Rose from theatre, no other films like Insidious can make you feel spooky again.

But what I felt that, I think.....director is using one of the Chinese Horror Elements or I should say, it can be found at Chinese Ghost Tale.
It's about the soul was "escape" from the body host, and have lost in somewhere "further".
It very similar like what Chinese Ghost Tale mention, the soul will goes out somewhere when we are sleeping.
And when the "ritual" is perform, we must CALL the NAME of the victim, whos soul been out there. So that the soul can find the way to their host recognize by the voice.
It is more or less similar like one of the Chinese tradition ritual.

I remember when I was a small kid, I have a high fever, after visiting a few doctors, it doesn't seem help. So my mom was using this type of ritual at night to call my name outside and ask for my soul to come back.
Well, I just only can remember that, others I have forgot,... haha.....
But its kinda interesting I guess....just tiring my mom....and my dad...they are worried at that time, but at last .... my fever was gone....because I got tonsil infection, thats all.. haha.
Anyway, I have a great parents!

So, my conclusion of this film is, ITS WORTH TO WATCH at theater! To feel the atmosphere and the spooky feeling of this film. May not get it from other movies though!

Hope you all enjoy this!

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