Friday, October 23, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen (review)

At first, thought it will be another great suspense and thriller movie. But after watch it last night, feel a bit disappointed.
I believe it can be a better version if directed in a better way.
It's kind of slow, not enough explanation.....Gerard and Jamie are great actors, but seems like they can't really match in this film. I would prefer Gerard than Jamie, because Jamie doesn't stands out the character.
The ending quite rush and simple too.

Originally I think it's a great story, a great impact after watching the trailer and read the plot.
But the result of this film is really not that good.

Director F. Gary Gray had directed movie like Be Cool, The Italian Job, A Man Apart, Negotiator, etc. and I like The Italian Job and Negotiator very much, both are the great suspense and thriller movie!

Rate : 6/10

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