Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clash of the Titans (Review)

A remake from year 1981 film. Ofcourse, that's a classic during 80's film. But for now, what we only can feel is the effects (CGI), not the soul of the story anymore.

This is a great story, a great imagination could bring to audience, a fantasy film would bring the entertainment to the audience who never know the story before.
But, just that this latest version, is lack of something, which can't bring the "finishing" to the "Old" audience who had been watch at the 80's version.
For effects and entertainment, yes, it brings the result, as for the story line, I still prefer the 80's.
Director Louis Leterrier who brought us film The Transporter, Danny the Dog, Transporter 2
and The Incredible Hulk.
For those audience who never know the story and never watch the 80's version, I think this could capture the new audience attention~

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