Monday, April 26, 2010

Dread + The Final (Review) - [ HorrorFest ]

Dread, a short story from Clive Barker. I kinda like Cliver Barker stories, from Hellraiser, Candyman, Midnight Meat Train to Dread, the plot is so strong on the violence feeling.
But Dread was directed in a way which not that impact. What it shows from the trailers, it already did show all, nothing much from the movie, which I think a bit dissapointed.
Overall, the feeling is still there, the intense is still on, but still prefer if could bring out more violence and show more darker side from the psycho path.
This film is the first directed and first screenplay by this director Anthony DiBlasi.
Keep it up Anthony!

The Final, another film from HorrorFest.

I found this film a bit boring, the torture scene was not so impact if compare to Hostel.
This is a film bout these students was always get bully by their classmates, and they decided to take revenge on them by torturing them from what they have watch from the violence movies.

Its a great idea, and I think can be improve more from here.

Anyway, i think its a good try~

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