Monday, April 12, 2010

歲月神偷 - Echoes of Rainbow (Review)

Echoes of Rainbow, it's a very very touching story. Story happens in the 60's HongKong. About a family which go through the sweet and hard times.

Sreenplay is written by Alex Law who is the director of this film too. Produced by Mabel Cheung.
It's success to bring out the feeling of the 60's HongKong, how was the lifestyle during that time, how was the situation when during dinner time, I think it will be definately recall back all the old times memory for the HongKong citizen.
This film shows how important of the positive mindset which have to be face in the reality, and in this film, it always mentioned like : "have to believe...." and "when facing hard times now, the good times will comes next", which is I think quite motivated.
Anyway,'s a great film to watch!

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