Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Box (Review)

This one really sucks! I nearly slept inside the cinema while watching it half way of the show.
May be the way they did it is too artistic? or May be i'm just not that into this kind of film?

This is totally not a commercial film at all, but the trailer did sells very well. May be I just get cheated by the trailer.

The way it shoot, it's too slow and kind of boring. May be they want to put more emotional into this film? But the emotional part really doesn't help much on the film.

They have a great plot, a mysterious plot. I believe if its directed in a different way, then it may attracted to many audiences too.
The original film is from The Twilight Zone, is called "Button, Button". I think the original may better than this movie version.

Well, the really successful of this film is, the effects of the old man face which already get burnt and the trailer which did sells very well!

Rate: 4 /10


kemy kee said...

but i like this movie~~~
yes is kinda slow, but the plot wont let me fall asleep~
woo hoo for the plot! and the face effect~~~!!!!

Kit C said... least they still got a support like u...very good! :) actually i think they can make it more interesting huh... :)