Monday, November 2, 2009

Ringu [The Ring] - (Review)

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Tagline: One curse, one cure, one week to find it.

Plot: A mysterious video kills whomever views it, unless that viewer can solve its mystery.
(Source from IMDB)

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Ringu, one of the scarriest movies of all time. Hollywood "The Ring" is adapted from the original film from Japan "Ringu".
I was watching alone, it was so scary at that time. It was so suffer when you really watching alone with all the lights off, with such the environment and atmosphere, you will sure get out of that place

The set up of this film is so simple, it doesn't have much CGI and not much background music too. It just the way it directed and the environment it shows you, will make you feel so creepy.
I think this is one of the successful movies which lead it to hollywood market. And after that, many of the hollywoods movie follows to adapted the Japan horror films script.

Starring Nanako Matsushima who is one of the top model and actress in Japan during the late 90's. Her performance is great in this film, the character is quite suits for her.
Director Hideo Nakata did a really great job in this film. The whole film is so mysterious, so creepy, towards to the end of this film is so stunning and smart!

I like this film very much and I advise you, ...whoever haven't watch yet, and if intend to watch it,....please don't watch it alone.

Rate: 8/10

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